Modern manufacturers must use of technology to maintain their competitive edge.  We are continuously working to bring unique capabilities and products to the forefront.  Of equal or more importance is having qualified and experienced technical personnel able to provide the guidance when purchasing and know how to support to it.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the latest “buzz” in cutting edge technology.  It can harnesses the power of  shop devices (called “sensors”) that may already be in use in manufacturing facilities.  Most manufacturers are unaware of the capability that can enhance productivity.  IIoT opens an new realm of possibilities and making use of this technology is where we may be of help.

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The xlTRANSFER is a hand held battery operated RS232 data transfer device designed specifically for use in factory environments.  Data is stored and transmitted from a removable USB flash memory storage device. The USB memory capacity can be 2 or 4 GB which typically exceeds the needs of most manufacturing facilities. It has a simple and logical operation that enables users to quickly adapt to its use.  The xlTRANSFER is designed and built in the U.S.A. and is in use around the world. Its multiple uses include;

  • As a backup device for a DNC system
  • Ideally suited for file transfers where no DNC system exists
  • As a service tool for technicians that save or transfer parameter files from CNC controls.

Programs are easily managed using a standard PC and Microsoft’s Windows Explorer program.

Program(s) can be loaded onto the USB memory stick from a standard PC.  Once the file is on the USB memory it is removed from the computer and inserted into the xlTRANSFER USB connector.

Upon power-up all files are instantly recognized and ready for downloading to CNC equipment (or any other RS232 compatible device) from the xlTRANSFER

Standard Features

  • Membrane Style Keypad – 20 Character Alpha / Numeric
  • Symbols rotate for full character set
  • LCD Display – 16 Character / 2 Line
  • Memory: 1 GB Memory Storage – USB Flash type
  • Supports up to 4GB USB Memory
  • Code Types Supported –  ISO / Binary / MAZATROL
  • Logical Setup – Five RS232 Configurations – Enables communication with various devices, code types, handshaking, and baud rates.
  • File selection by keypad
  • File Size & Last Modified Date Displayed before sending.
  • User can view “Start of File” characters prior to transmission to verify program number / comment lines
  • Drip Feed Part Programs
  • Simple logical and versatile menu
  • Communication and Operation easily adapts to any RS232 device
  • Distributes data in harsh environments.
  • Operation Manual stored on the supplied USB memory in PDF format.
  • Real Time Clock – Files received are date / time stamped and stored on the USB Flash Drive.

Package Includes:

  • 4 NimH Batteries
  • 110Vac Wall Charger
  • 1 GB USB Flash Memory
  • RJ45 – DB25 Connector
  • 3 Ft Cable

Power Supply:

  • 4 AAA NiCad Rechargeable Batteries
  • Unit can operate up to eight plus hours per charge.
  • Permanent connections require use of the included charger.


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