WinECOM CNC Code Editor & RS-232 Communications Software

The Win-ECOM software represents a scaled down version of the eLAN network DNC software.

Scaled down means it does not perform “remote file queuing requests” found in the eLAN product.  User intervention is required to select, send, and store files on each device.

It can be used in conjunction with e-LAN to facilitate “off server file queuing” of CNC programs from a remote networked workstation located on the company network.

This software is specifically developed to enable RS-232 communications between a PC and CNC and is the ideal choice when drip feeding code to a CNC where “mid-program” restarts are required.

Different communication protocol types can be configured for each RS232 communications port on the computer. There can be up to four ports configured and/or up to an optional ten configured based upon software purchased and computer hardware configuration.

The software includes a robust text editor section that enables CNC code creation, manipulation, adjustments, file comparison and a host of other utilities.

This software can be downloaded for trial from the www.mckennaservice.com website.  Once downloaded to the computer desktop, installation is fast and simple.  Double clicking on the icon and follow the prompts.

After installation, a configuration menu within the software allows easy setup of the communication parameters.

The software can be installed and used on trial basis for fourteen days prior to purchase.   At the end of trial period a USB security dongle (supplied upon purchase) must be installed on the PC’s USB port to continue using the software.

  •  Up to four (ten – optional) communication ports and definitions can be set.
  • All Ports can be used to communicate simultaneously
  • A USB Key Security is required (enables usage of software wherever the software is loaded)
  • Local or Network directories and drives can be specified (A-Z).
  • Baud Rate support is from 300 thru 38.4 KB
  • Handshake Protocols include:  Hardware or Software
  • Upgrades to the latest version are available for free (download from our site).
  • Multiple window viewing of incoming and outgoing information
  • Code Transmission Types includes: ISO BINARY MAZATROL
  • Edits and transfers Brother Conversational code
  • Transfers but does not edit MAZATROL code
  • Automatic Character Insertion during send and receive operations
  • Simultaneous Drip Feed from Multiple COM Ports
  • File Comparison and Edit
  • Multiple File Edits / Cut and Paste Between files
  • Character Search and Replace
  • Line Renumber
  • Code Compress and Decompress
  • Block Number Strip
  • Bolt Circle Calculator
  • CNC Code Back Plotting
  • eLAN Connection
  • On-line Help & Instruction Manual
  • Backup your existing software directory prior to performing any update.
  • Download this file to the workstation desktop by double clicking on it.  win-ECOM (v4.10.08 – 05-15-2017)
  • Once the download is complete, click on the desktop icon to UNZIP the file and start the update.
  • This software may also be run as a 15 day trial after which a security dongle must be purchased.
    The trial may only be installed once on the computer.

  • Users with a GREEN security dongle need to download and install this file:  ( Green Security Dongle Driver ).  This device driver installation file is no longer included as part of the above updates and must be downloaded and installed separately.