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Top Solid Cam 7 is 100% Windows 7 certified and makes full use of Windows dot net technology along with using multi-core processors to their fullest extent.  The development team accomplished its objective delivering a CAM solution with the speed and power needed for the high-end, hard core, off-line programmer, yet simple enough for occasional users. Top Solid 7′s ability to handle very large assemblies is second to no other application on the market!  Moreover, it’s ability to manage everything created by the user will make it possible for you to focus on the job at hand…engineering.  Click on the images for more details.


Drag and Drop Operation

TopSolid Cam 7 was made to be drag and drop simple and each operation has a dynamic “Quick settings balloon” that allows any user to quickly change the most commonly modified parameters of a given tool path without the need to go into a complex dialog box.  For example, in a facing operation, commonly changed things like:

  • Stock to leave on the floor
  • Stock to leave on the wall
  • Stock to leave on island walls
  • Maximum axial depth of cut
  • Final axial depth of cut


Taking simplicity to another level Top Solid Cam 7 enables dynamically drag and drop existing tool paths onto new geometry to create new tool paths.  Drag a facing operation and drop it onto a face of what should be an open pocketing operation and the software automatically modifies the tool path to fit the new geometric constraint.






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