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A Revolution is underway in Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing software and its name is Top Solid 7. Take advantage of advances in computer hardware to gain substantial speed and efficiency.  Bothersome screen repaints complete in record time.  Simple machining tasks are simple again.  Top Solid 7 is built on PDM to seamlessly manage all data without user intervention making.  File sharing and CAD REVISION LEVELS are simple.  And those expensive maintenance fees have been reduced to tolerable levels.

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TopSolid 7 is the natural evolution of more than 30 years of experience.  The product was redesigned to achieve two main goals.  First, Product Data Management (PDM) was incorporated making it a reality for any size business.  Harnessing PDM technology brings numerous benefits to its users.  While other developers seem only to make PDM available to their large company base, Missler Software felt that didn’t make any sense at all, so they rewrote their data management solution from scratch.  Once PDM was developed they progressed to phase two of the new development and rewrote TopSolid itself on top of the new PDM product!  For the first time on the market, there is a CAD/CAM product running on a seemingly transparent PDM platform.  During operation users  don’t even know the PDM is managing their data!  Incorporated into their new software Missler made the new product extremely easy to learn and operate.  These are just a few key points of the newly released product.  We invite you to explore the links to our website to learn more about this revolutionary product.  Feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have. What is PDM?  Why is it so important?  Click on the video to see why.

  • PDM serves as a central repository for process knowledge and product history.
  • PDM is software tracks and controls data related to a particular project.  Within PDM, the focus is on managing and tracking the creation, change, and archive of all information related to a project. Information stored and managed includes engineering data i.e. CAD models, documents, and drawings.
  • PDM promotes integration and data exchange among users who interact with the project – including project managers, engineers and quality assurance teams.  It is the central database that manages metadata such as the owner of a file and the release status of components.
  • It controls check-in and check-out of the project data to multiple users;  Manages Engineering Changes,  Release control, Revision Levels, Issues of components in a product  (i.e Build and manipulate the product structure bill of materials (BOM) for assemblies)
  • PDM focus is on capturing and maintaining information on products and / or services through its development and useful life cycle.
  • Typical information managed in the PDM module often includes;  Part Number / Description,  CAD/CAM Drawing / Revisions, Material Data (BOM)
TopSolid7 takes full advantage of multi-core processors and MicroSoft’s latest technology i.e. Dot Net technology and Visual Studio.  These new developments makes the product extremely fast, easy to learn and use which makes your engineering department more productive. These are just a few points of interest on the TopSolid7 product but there is substantially more to offer in this product. Explore our website to learn more about this revolutionary product and feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have.

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