CNC Service

McKenna Service Company is a seasoned technical support company that has been assisting customers on all type of CNC issues for more than 30 years.  We provide mechanical, electrical, and electronic expertise on most CNC machines.

The service territory encompasses Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan.  Our technicians have the background experience, and tools to diagnose and repair most problems to minimize downtime.  Our staff is well qualified to meet service needs with promptness and professionalism.

  • CNC Programming                  DNC Communications          PLC Programming
  • Electrical Repair                      Mechanical Repair

Service technicians work with our in-house parts specialists to secure the necessary replacement parts.  During scheduled service calls our technicians assess potential machine failures to prevent further unexpected downtime.  This experience level often brings a faster and more accurate corrective actions that puts equipment back in service with less time on site.


  • Bearings
  • Belts
  • Electrical
  • Electronic
  • CNC Control, Servo, Spindle Components
  • Lubrication Systems and Components
  • Machine Components
  • Mechanical
  • Motors, Pumps, and Encoders
More than parts…we provide knowledge & experience.
  • OEM quality without OEM pricing
  • Same Day Shipping! Till 4:00 pm PST
  • Locating Hard to find and discontinued parts
  • Substitutions for obsolete or out of stock parts
  • High Tech replacements for outdated technology
  • Providing solutions for reoccurring failures
  • Extensive Inventory of the most commonly used replacement parts
  • Customized inventory program
  • McKenna Service Company is a factory authorized OEM parts distributor for ACROLOC.


  • Field Service
  • Machine Evaluations
  • Corrective Action Modification
  • CNC Memory & Option Upgrades
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Spindle Services
Quick turn around at a fraction of purchasing new.

Some of our other services for in-house repairs:

  • Cables Rebuilt / Repaired / Replaced
  • Honda, cannon & amp connectors in stock for immediate repairs

We provide electronic board repairs…

  • Over 200 boards in stock
  • FANUC board-level repair
  • Spindle drive repairs
  • Axis drive repairs
  • Board level components (Hybrid IC’s)
  • FANUC encoder

We stock new FANUC parts!

Memory & Option Upgrades

We offer the following memory & option upgrades:

  • “M” codes
  • Extended memory
  • 4th axis upgradesFANUC board repair

Here is our Complete List of products serviced

FANUC CONTROLS  –  Model 6, 10, 11, 18, OM/T, 21Spindle & Servo Drives & Motors – Cables Built / Repaired

DYNAPATH – Model 10, 20, 30, 40, 50  – Servo Dynamics Drives / Motors – Sweo / Baldor Drives – Porter Servo Motors – Baldor Servo Motors

MITSUBISHI – MO, 330, 520, 530, Magic 64 – Spindle and Servo Drives & Motors

YASKAWA – YASNAC – M Series – Spindle & Servo Drives & Motors


  • Keypads                               CRT Units                            Master Boards
  • Servo Drives & Motors        Spindle Drives & Motors       Panel Switches
  • Operator Panels                  Sweo Servo Amps               Transformers
  • Custom Cables                    Ladders Written                   GE 9030 PLC
  • Cable Repair                        Custom Electronics             Proximity Switches
  • Logic Controllers                  Baldor Servos & Drives


  • Installation                             Disconnects                            Pre-Purchase Inspection
  • Training                                 Spindles Rebuilt                      Communications
  • Calibration                            Spindle Drives                          Motors Rebuilt
  • Servo Motors Repaired        Preventive Maintenance


  • Equipment Manuals            Machine Installation & Training     Service & Technical Support
  • Equipment Reviews            Bearings                                        Belts
  • Turcite                                 Ballscrews                                     Spindles
  • Bearings                              Sub-Plates                                    Electronic Parts
  • Tool Holders & Parts           Collets                                           Rotary Tables & Face Plates


  • Manuals                                       Parts                                      Belts
  • Ball Screws                                 Tool Pocket Retainers           Bearings
  • Rotary Tables                              Electronic Parts                     Sub Plates


  • Manuals                                       Component Parts                   Electronic Parts
  • Ball Screws                                 Belts                                       Bearings
  • Rotary Tables                              Machine Parts                         Sub Plates
  • Tool Holders